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200 Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training | Koh Phangan Thailand

For a full schedule, course outline and more information or to book; email Tegan

3 June - 29 June 2024

Escape to the breathtaking landscapes of Thailand and embark on a month-long journey of self-discovery and transformation through yoga. Guided by the seasoned wisdom of yoga teacher Tegan Burger, this immersive training promises an enriching blend of profound learning, joyful exploration, and reverence for the timeless traditions of yoga.


From the moment you step into our tranquil retreat space, you'll be welcomed into a nurturing environment carefully crafted by Tegan to foster inclusivity, safety, and genuine connection. Here, amidst the serene beauty of Thailand, you'll have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the practice of yoga while embracing a spirit of playfulness and lightness.

Throughout the course, Tegan skillfully guides students through a diverse array of experiences, each designed to deepen your understanding and appreciation of yoga's multifaceted journey. Whether you're delving into the philosophical underpinnings of yoga, refining your physical postures with precision and grace, or exploring the subtle nuances of breath work and meditation, you'll find yourself supported every step of the way.


In Tegan's classes, learning extends far beyond the physical practice of yoga. With her compassionate guidance, you'll have the chance to explore the depths of your own being, uncovering layers of wisdom and insight that lie dormant within. Through a variety of engaging activities, discussions, and experiential exercises, you'll cultivate a profound sense of self-awareness and empowerment that will stay with you long after the training has ended.

All levels of practitioners are warmly welcomed to join us in Thailand for this transformative month of yoga exploration. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, all you need is a basic level of fitness, a keen desire to learn, and a commitment to giving your all to this journey.


Our training provides a safe and welcoming space for students of all backgrounds and abilities to come together and delve into the boundless possibilities of yoga. Join us for a month of growth, discovery, and joy as we embark on this profound journey together.

Program Highlights include
  • Yoga Philosophy & Psychology

  • Asanas breakdown (postures)

  • Pranayama (breath work)

  • Meditation

  • Mudras, Bandhas & Chakras

  • Accessible Yoga 

  • Finding your voice 

  • Anatomy 

  • Adjustments 

  • Teaching Methodologies

  • Sequencing

  • The Business of Yoga 

  • Ethics

Tegan Burger is known for her highly regarded yoga teacher trainings, which are hosted in Johannesburg. These trainings are designed to give aspiring yoga teachers the knowledge and skills they need to lead successful and fulfilling careers in the field of yoga.

Tegan's trainings have received rave reviews from past participants, who have praised her ability to effectively teach the principles and practices of yoga in a way that is accessible and engaging. In her trainings, Tegan covers a wide range of topics, including anatomy, alignment, sequencing, and the philosophy and history of yoga. She also emphasises the importance of creating a supportive and inclusive environment for students, and encourages her trainees to develop their own unique teaching style.

Overall, Tegan's yoga teacher trainings are a comprehensive and transformative experience that will equip you with the tools you need to become a confident and compassionate yoga teacher.

Be Yoga School is committed to being a safe space of people of all races, sexual orientation and all religious preferences. 

Our mission at Be Yoga School is to create community, connection and to become empowered in the body and the mind through the practices of Yoga.

Dive deep into the heart of Vinyasa with our internationally recognised 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, accredited by Yoga Alliance. This immersive journey is not just a pathway to becoming a certified yoga teacher; it’s an invitation to explore the depths of your practice, guided by the serene beauty of Koh Phangan.


What’s Included:

A comprehensive 200-hour curriculum that covers all aspects of Vinyasa yoga, including posture, alignment, sequencing, and the philosophical foundations of yoga.

Daily brunch on training days, providing nutritious fuel for your body and soul.

15 group dinners, offering a chance to bond with your fellow trainees and soak in the vibrant local culture

Off days to explore the stunning beauty of Koh Phangan, from its serene beaches to its lush jungle trails.

Tution Fees

$1600 / R30 000 Yoga + brunch

$2600 / R50 000 Yoga + brunch + room*


$1050 / R20 000 100% online only

*There are a variety of rooms and price options available, contact Tegan to receive the full information pack to find out more. 

All inquiries are welcome yet only your deposit will secure your place. 

Fees include your manual, all yoga classes, teaching experience & feedback, graduation certificate - no additional costs,

Upon completion of this training you will be eligible to teach at gyms, yoga studios and able to take on private clients anywhere in the world. This training will equip you with insights into yoga, it's practices and give you the confidence to share the practices safely with your students. 

Tegan has hosted numerous teacher trainings, including trainings in Durban and in Cape Town. She is passionate about her students, their growth and strives to cultivate the inner teacher in all of them. What others have said about Tegan's Be Yoga Teacher Trainings. 

Terms & Conditions:

Please email Tegan to register for either of these teacher trainings. Please note that a keen interest to learn and a willingness to grow is required and that each student should be in good health and relative physical fitness.

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School: 

Yoga Alliance is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community globally. The spirit of the Yoga Alliance Standards is to include a school in the RYS (Registered Yoga School) Directory only when its YTT (Yoga Teacher Training):

  • Has a definite, pre-defined curriculum that meets the Yoga Alliance Standards.

  • Is taught by yoga teacher trainers who are qualified to train teachers.

  • Offers a consistent approach that is conducive to depth, rather than a survey of different approaches.

All standards for a RYS are intended to be clear, implementable reflections of the above criteria.

Be Yoga is a fully registered school with Yoga Alliance. This course requires 100% attendance to meet Yoga Alliance standards.



100% attendance, as well as, completion of all assignments and practical’s are required for certification. Failure to meet the required number of hours can be made-up via private tuition with Tegan. Please note that private tuition is subject to scheduling and may delay graduation. Tegan exclusively reserves the right to withhold certification of any student that fails to meet the full requirements and hours of the course.

Cancelation & Refund Policy:

Upon receipt of payment in full, student cancellation fees apply.

  1. Notice period more than 4 weeks from start date = 60% refund available.

  2. Notice period 4 weeks from start date = 50% refund available.

  3. Notice period less than 2 weeks from start date = no refund available.

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