Hello Lovelies,

My mother will tell you my yoga journey began as a toddler and she’s not wrong. As a little girl, I would do acro-yoga on her bed. It developed into attending all of my mom’s yoga classes. From a young age, I was blown away by how I felt in my body and I instantly knew that I wanted to learn more. 


After years of practice with my mom, I decided that is was time to take the next step in my yogic journey. It was time for me to complete my first yoga teacher training.


In 2011 I completed my first 200-hour vinyasa teacher training in Johannesburg. I began teaching the following year, but the passion to learn and grow as a teacher remained.


In 2012 I completed a second 200-hour teacher training, this time in ashtanga held by Jim Harrington in Cape Town. And still, the fire to continue to dive deeper into yoga burned.


A year later, in 2013, I completed a 500-hour advanced teacher training with Jim Harrington in India. The experience was life-changing, as all my teacher training up until this point had been. I spent time in various ashrams with the most beautiful teachers while being surrounded by incredible culture. I still felt I had more to learn, and that I could continue to grow as a teacher.


In 2015 I ventured west to New York to complete my 300-hour Jivamukti training with Sharon Ganon and David Life. The month was intense and although I had already established myself as a yoga teacher, I returned back to South Africa with a newfound sense of strength in my teaching.


A year later I traveled to Germany to complete a 50-hour Budokon teacher training. With each teacher training, I learn new lessons, new ways of thinking, and a new understanding. Budokon training was no different.


In 2020 I completed another 300-hour teacher training. I am proud to consider myself a life long student in this meaningful practice. It is a privilege to be able to continuously invest in deepening my understanding of yoga and I am truly grateful for every teacher whose path has connected with mine.


I will always be looking to learn, grow, and develop, not only as a teacher but as a student too. For me, Yoga is about bringing myself to each present moment and in those moments living as the best version of myself. 


My intention is for you to meet the best version of yourself.


Follow along on my blog page for insights and inspiration for your yoga practice or flow with me in my audio classes. Let’s grow together!




2011: 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training with Living Yoga 

2012: 200-hour Ashtanga Teacher Training with Jim Harrington

2013: 500-hour Advanced Teacher Training with Jim Harrington

2015: 300-hour Jivamukti Teacher Training with David Life and Sharon Gannon. (2015)

2016: 50-hour Budokon Training

2020: 300-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training

Currently studying a BSc in Nutritional Science