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Aditi M Gaur has been a yoga practitioner since 2003 when she first developed an interest in asanas. Her quest to understand the yogic path led her to the Himalayan Yoga Tradition, a five-thousand-year-old tradition of Himalayan yogis and masters, where she took initiation

in 2012.


Aditi is also the founder of a clean beauty brand, Kanai, which she founded in Mumbai after her teacher Swami Veda Bharati asked her to use the teachings of the practice in the outside world and not restrict herself to only teaching yoga.

“It became clear to me that I was to live like a Raja yogi who uses all the paths to yoga to serve others and liberate oneself. Kanai allows me to practice karma yoga with the principles of the practice that are often ignored – non-violence, truthfulness and integrity. I believe one doesn’t have to run away to the mountains to live the practice, the true test of how we are growing as practitioners is living in the outside world while remaining untouched by it.”

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Aditi continues to lecture and teach pranayama and meditation to serve, share and spread the teachings of the Himalayan masters with the rest of the world.

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