About  B e  Y O G A

B E  Y O G A  was founded in 2017 by Tegan Burger. Wanting to offer her students more to further their understanding of yoga, it’s philosophy and practices, Tegan compiled her first 200 hour vinyasa teacher training. Since then Tegan been furthering her own education and her own practice to continue guiding and mentoring her students on their yoga journey. 


Students leave the B E  Y O G A  teacher training feeling empowered, inspired and supported. That’s because the teachings learnt are (at their simplest), using the tools and insight yoga provides us with to practice becoming and living as the best versions of ourselves. This of course leads to realization of the Self or the Divine. 


This can also just mean yoga gives us tools to becoming happier, kinder, more generous and loving people. As well as giving us a tissue to clear our glasses and clear away some of the made up things we see and feel everyday. Yoga brings us back to balance and in turn back to ourselves. 


The intention at  B E  Y O G A  is that we are learning together, with the support of our peers and teachers, how to live our yoga practice to make our lives even happier and full of purpose. 


Yoga is the state of missing nothing. - Shri Brahmananda Saraswati

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