Whether you are new to Yoga or have some experience in the practice, I will tailor each session to your indivdual needs and desired goals. I teach for the indivdual and therefore work at your own pace, challenging you as you grow.

'Asanas' or postures improves circulation, stimulates the glands, massages the internal organs and tones and lengthens the muscles.

'Pranayama' or breathing techniques improves lung function, increases oxygen intake, calms and focuses the mind.​

Meditation & Relaxation develops awareness and relieves stress creating a balanced practice. 

Individual/Private classes are preferred for ones own benefit and practice. Each class is sequenced for the specific needs of the client and is tailored to meet the requests of the client.


Classes may be held at your home or at Tegan's home studio in Craighall.

Yoga will aid this and bring a sense of inner peace, relaxation and an overall feeling of being grounded.​

Yoga can be practiced by anyone​

Yoga is not a religion nor an exercise regime



Yoga is the state of missing nothing. - Shri Brahmananda Saraswati

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